Make your software a competitive advantage

Enalean empowers you to deliver quality software faster with Tuleap Enterprise, 100% Libre & Open source

Tuleap Enterprise by Enalean

Tuleap Enterprise makes your software projects under control

Agile management tools

Start, scale and succeed in your Agile style with Scrum, Kanban and much more

Software development tools

Keep your code under control and automate development workflow

Collaboration tools

Orchestrate teams' work for efficient software project management (Teams, Customers, Providers)

You have a special request?

Shape Tuleap to your needs thanks to the Open Roadmap™, by Enalean

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Invest in your priorities

Crowdfund the evolution

Discover Open Roadmap

Enalean's culture

Collaboration beyond borders and efficient organisation

Libre & Open Source

For your Freedom & Independence. This is our philosophy.

Lean & Agile

The widely accepted way to collaborate efficiently and to get an optimal ROI.

Open innovation

The best way to boost your genius. Work better, work together!

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