With Tuleap Enterprise, your software engineering is a real competitive advantage.


Software engineering is a journey.

With Tuleap Enterprise solutions, Enalean helps you to continuously improve towards software development excellence.


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with Essential

Collaboration and source code control



with Advanced

Introduce and scale agile management



with Premium

Automate development workflow

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Be zen with Bronze SLA

Guaranteed stable, secure and scalable version of Tuleap for mission-critical environments

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Find peace of mind with Silver SLA

Bronze services plus expert IT support with guaranteed response times

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Blossom with Gold SLA

Silver services plus expert insight to help you get the most out of Tuleap

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Solutions packages comparison

Pack Essential Pack Advanced Pack Premium
Document management
Delivery manager
Embedded GIT, SVN
Mediawiki integration
Jenkins/Hudson connector
Gerrit connector

Which solution package is right for you?

    ESSENTIAL - Collaboration and source code controlliftoff-pack

  • You are beginning to focus on your software engineering processes.
  • You want to orchestrate your development flow with best practices that are easy to implement.
  • You need to facilitate project visibility, issue tracking and source code management.
  • You believe that empowering all your teams with one single integrated platform is more efficient and less expensive than introducing a collection of tools.


  • Trackers, the versatile feature that makes Tuleap unique
  • Flexible reporting functionalities
  • Document management
  • Social exchanges via instant message and mailing lists
  • Delivery manager for files, releases and deliverables
  • A source control manager fully integrated with GIT and SVN


    ADVANCED - Introduce and scale agile managementaccelerate-pack

  • You want to introduce agile methodologies step by step.
  • You want to scale and sustain agile in your organization.
  • You need flexible tools to fit your agile way.


  • All of ESSENTIAL features
  • Fully configurable agile management functionality that includes Tuleap Kanban and Tuleap Scrum
  • Document and knowledge management provided via Mediawiki

kanban - copie

    PREMIUM - Automate development workflow for high quality continuous deliveryelevate-pack

  • You want to coordinate, organize and automate development processes for faster and better quality deliveries.
  • You need to extend source code management with continuous integration, test management and automated development workflows.
  • You need to make managing user groups and multiple repository easier.


  • All of ADVANCED features
  • Jenkins / Hudson connector for continuous integration
  • Gerrit connector for code review

tracker-ttl - copie

Which SLA is for you?

    Be zen with Bronze SLAzen-bronze-sla

  • You need a reliable Tuleap installation for ten or up to several thousand users.
  • You require the industry-proven features of Tuleap with enhanced stability provided by the weekly Enterprise issue resolution updates.
  • You need to be able to make upgrades to your tools within minutes.
  • You believe that empowering your teams with one single integrated platform is more efficient and less expensive than introducing a collection of tools.

    Find peace of mind with Silver SLApeace-of-mind-silver-sla

  • All BRONZE SLA advantages.
  • You want to be free from time-consuming troubleshooting by having professional support available.
  • You need guaranteed response times from experts.

    Blossom with Gold SLAblossom-gold-sla

  • All SILVER SLA advantages.
  • You know you can empower your software development teams by providing guidance and processes for continuous improvement.
  • You want insights from software engineering experts in areas such as high level configuration, tools connection and advanced settings to help your teams get the most out of Tuleap with.

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