We are the first provider of a 100% Libre & Open Source Suite
for smart software development

Passionate software craftsmen and Open Source enthusiasts

Our success keys

Libre & Open Source

At Enalean, we underline our software is Libre & Open Source. Both together offer great powers. Libre as liberty, as in freedom to think, freedom to do. Open Source, as Open Source code lines, not Open Core.

Lean & Agile

We are agile: in our software development process & in our customer relationships. This is 3x more successfull: quality product, empowered teams, cost reductions. Concretly how? Final users focus, flexible to change, regular iterations, prototyping. YOU are the cornerstone.

Open Innovation

It is the best way of making creativity happen. Sharing your story with others, spark new ideas. We encourage our customers to meet, exchange and pool resources. Work together, work better!

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Enalean Team

Laurent Charles CEO Co-founder
Manuel Vacelet CTO Co-founder
Nicolas Terray Architect Co-founder
Sandra Echinard Services Manager
Thomas Cottier System Administrator
Manon Midy Marketing Manager
Yannis Rossetto Agile Developer
Benjamin Dauton Designer
Thomas Gerbet Agile Developer
Joris Masson Front-end Developer
Claire-Marine Gouble Administrative Manager
Matteo Mazzeri Evangelist
Marie-Ange Garnier Agile Developer
Thomas Gorka Agile Developer
Corinne Chevalier Executive & Sales Assistant
Martin Goyot Agile Developer
Clarck Robinson Agile Developer
Lydéric Dubut System Administrator
Romain Lorentz Agile Developer
Benjamin Bouillot Agile Developer
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